Global Education : An Understanding Of Global Interdependence, Multi Cultural Awareness, And A Bridge Between Disciplines

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Literature Review
Global Education is a multifaceted topic which encompasses ideals ranging from sustainability to global citizenry. Over the last few decades there has been a major push worldwide, to incorporate global curriculum into K-12 education, but why? Why has global knowledge become so important so much that some have argued that global curriculum should be taught as early as kindergarten (KinderCare, 2015)? Why the sudden push? What we, the audience, does know now is that as the global education movement progresses: researchers, activists, educators, and scholars convey more and more reasons to move forward and consolidate global curriculum in American education.
Before one can dissect why scholars, educators and activists are seeking a more globally inclusive curriculum, we must understand what global education means. In the article, “What’s in it for us”, Jonathan Swift described global education as an understanding of global interdependence, multi-cultural awareness, and a bridge between disciplines (Swift, 1980). Upon his examination of global education, he discovered that the very essence of global knowledge is the awareness of interconnected global systems and how they relate to the individual. (Swift, 1980). This is a common understanding and goal of global education supporters. Many scholars have proclaimed that in teaching global curriculum students will have applicable knowledge that transcends borders, but also be able to apply that knowledge on a local…

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