Global Cultural Changes in Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc.

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Global Cultural Changes in Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc.
Kayla Harvey, Monica Johnson, Angela Lambert, Joseph Caston
August 25, 2014
Rebecca Kinney

Global Cultural Changes in Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc.
Expanding in a global environment takes a company that is diverse and understands cultural diversity. As a leader in the cable industry, Worldwide Telecommunications has a diverse global portfolio with an emphasis on social development. The company is headquartered on the east coast and has satellite offices in various cities around the country. In each office, there is a diversity champion who aligns employees with business core values. This helps to keep the business ahead of competitors because global
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There will be no need for language translators because the technology will do the interpreting for us. Forecasts show that Worldwide Telecommunications will be one of the first businesses to use Virtual Reality Telecommunication Systems (VRTS). A new technology, VRTS will allow human verbal and nonverbal communications to be translated electronically to a computer with hardly any effort at all. According to the VRTS process documentation, the system will try to hold all the body’s communications with a group of sensors and transmit human verbal and nonverbal communication messages, and then will send these communications by actuators. Other cultural changes within Worldwide Telecommunications are taking place as well. As global outreach is achieved, and the business continues to expand, it will no longer be a privately owned company. With technology in telecommunications growing and changing as fast as it has, I forecast that World Wide Telecommunications will offer its stock to foreign companies to expand its portfolio and provide productive dividends to stakeholders. Actions like these help the business and market in general while riding the wave of other companies that have traversed into the international sector by joining their expertise.
In years to come, the use of email coupled with computer technology will be beneficial to the communication sector because of power the global presence in large companies. The use

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