Global Climate Change : The World Is Coming Up Against Right Now

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Global Climate Change

Climate change is the greatest problems the world is coming up against right now. Its consequences on animals and on the crops we grow are without a doubt shocking, and the consequences on humans are even more alarming. The realities about climate change are frequently talked about in government and the news but, regrettably, even if people don 't always agree about the causes, climate change repercussions are true, worldwide, and significant. The causes are predominantly from humans, and the results on the inhabitants of earth will be very serious. Most of think that global climate change is relatively a new subject but, was first professed in the late 19th century by Svante Arrhenius. He was a Swedish scientist first to recognize in1896 that there was a correlation between concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and temperatures. This was later called the green house effect. Now, it wasn 't until the 1940 's that the topic of global climate change came around again. From the 1940 's through the 1980 's small discoveries here and there were made to read the effects of climate change with the help of evolving technology. Finally in 1988, it was recolonized that the earth 's temperature as a whole was warmer than it was back in the 19th century,

The burning of fossil fuels from major power plants all over the world which emit carbon dioxide into the earths atmosphere is one of the lead causes of climate change. In today 's…

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