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This essay, Glitz Beauty Pageants and the Ugly Truth, examines the role glitz pageants play on young adolescent girls. There are two major types of pageants which include natural and glitz. Natural pageants are morally appropriate and acceptable for young girls because they promote a much healthier lifestyle as compared to glitz beauty pageants. On the other hand, the impact that glitz beauty pageants have on young girls is highly negative. This particular type of pageant puts girls at risk for both psychological and physical harm. Parents of pageant contestants should not be allowed to subject their daughters towards the superficiality advertised by glitz beauty pageants. When pointing out the facts, the negative aspects of glitz
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High glitz beauty pageants are the more popular and advertised pageants that are commonly seen. Natural pageants, on the other hand, are often overlooked by society and significantly differ from glitz pageants. Natural pageants, for one, have a strong focus on intelligence and personality. For example, unlike high glitz pageants where makeup is always worn, natural pageants do not permit children under the age of twelve to wear makeup. Additionally, if a child is seen wearing too much makeup, points will be deducted when it comes time for judging (Potter, 2013). Natural pageants also require that formal and appropriate dress wear be worn for each judging category. Points will even be taken off if judges feel that an outfit is too revealing or inappropriate. Some natural pageants also require that volunteer work and other extracurricular activities are done in order to participate. However, glitz beauty pageants do not recognize any type of extracurricular activity or volunteer work during the judging (Anderson & Greene, 2009). In addition, glitz pageants have very little focus on interviews whereas, natural pageants include both personal and on stage interviews with the contestants. Furthermore, natural pageants focus on individual personality rather than the glamour and perfection that are highlighted during glitz …show more content…
Natural pageants, also, do not include a strong emphasis on physical appearance (Potter, 2013). In natural pageants, a contestant’s self-confidence does not come from make-up and synthetic looks; rather, it comes from personality and inner beauty. There are also many chances for girls to participate in community service and volunteer groups when participating in natural pageants (Potter, 2013). Encouraging the use of natural pageants will enable parents and girls who enjoy pageants to continue to freely participate in the events. Moreover, common ground can easily be met for those who support and do not support

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