Should Beauty Pageants Be Banned Research Paper

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Children beauty pageants are common in lots of countries started from South America and they have lots of watchers including children and teenagers. Competitors in these pageants are usually blonde and they have blue eyes. Even if they do not have blue eyes, beautiful teeth, tanned skin or blonde hair, they use contact lenses, fake hairs and teeth, spray bronzers and makeup. Children watch them on television while competitors are displaying themselves with their makeup and inconvenient clothes which children should not wear and getting their prizes by virtue of their appearance. Watchers think that they should have a good body and they should be thin and tall like them, they believe that they aren’t beautiful enough. In addition, all competitors …show more content…
Children enter these beauty pageants with the expectations to win but children who loose the pageants can feel insufficient. They can think they are not beautiful or talented enough and after the pageants, they try to demonstrate themselves to people around. They are in need of proving that they can do lots of things and they are also beautiful. Anxiety and frustration are near these children at all times. (Grosaru, Lucia) When children compete in these pageants, their relatives and friends expecting him or her to be the winner and they support the child but if she or he lose the pageant it can affect their relationship and communication with others. They can fall into disfavor around their environment or they can feel like that. They start to compete in pageants at early ages, so from childhood, they develop a fear of losing. They would be afraid of competing in beauty contests and loose. For these reasons they start to turn in upon themselves and they would be depressed. At this early age, beauty and competition concepts would frighten them. To sum up, children who compete and loose in beauty pageants can be a lack of

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