The Glass Castle Reaction Paper

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Unlike Jeannette I never moved around a lot in my life so maybe that’s why it so strange to me, but both she and I have some things in common. We both don’t seem to like our distant relatives, both of our mothers can be hypocrites, saying stand up for what you believe in and then reprimanding us about it, and both of us have been and are tricked by our fathers; in her case standing up to her racist parents and digging a foundation for the Glass Castle that the family only really wanted to use as a garbage disposal. Her family also has issues with pride just as much as mine does, only in a different way. The Walls were and are the poorest in any poor neighborhood they move to, but they bring their misfortune upon themselves. Honestly they could …show more content…
In that exact order that’s the only way I can describe my reaction about the ending of this book. It definitely crashed and burned. First the aftermath of Jeannette arriving in New York City went well, she and Lori both worked and lived together, the rest of the siblings joined them, and each person got better careers. Even when their parents arrived in New York it didn’t do anything so thankfully any of the plans their parents had to reconnect with their children immediately failed. But when ever so considerate naïve Jeannette consider dropping out of college to help her parents during winter is when I found out that her whole life had been a lie. Apparently her fossil of a mother had and never sold her house in Phoenix, expensive jewelry, and inherited Texas land she still owned. Land that turned out to be a million dollars! This whole time that old hag dismissed this idea about selling anything every time it was mentioned to her and she never revealed to her children about how much any of it cost. Not only that but she also didn’t help her husband when he got tuberculosis and turned him back into an alcoholic when he got sober again. Unlike her at least Jeannette’s dad paid for her tuition, though that doesn’t mean that that one good deed he did makes up for any of the stuff he put his kids through in the past. On the other hand, he may have abused them but Jeannette’s mother could have saved them; making her crimes against them worse than that of her

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