Gladiator Movie Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… The coliseum is filled with thousands of Romans watching and cheering for Maximus. Both fighters are in the center of the arena surrounded by twenty to thirty guards to make sure none of them have any chance of escape. Before the fight even takes place, Commodus stabs Maximus in the side out of sight of anyone, in order to get an advantage over him and to weaken him making it seem as though the emperor is a superior fighter than Maximus. Maximus staggers around the arena the whole time because of the injury to his side, but still manages to keep up with Commodus. The end of the fight shows a close up of Maximus and Commodus with no sound in the background to show more impact and Maximus is forcing his sword upon Commodus’ neck with Commodus trying desperately to defend himself, but fails. Commodus falls to the ground along with Maximus because of the stab wound. The guards, who were initially on the side of Commodus, surround Maximus and lift him out of the arena as if he were the rightful ruler of Rome, with slow angelic music in the background giving the audience the sense of grief toward the late Maximus who had finally been reunited with his wife and …show more content…
Many of the different sets make the film seem more realistic even with the computer generated sets such as the Coliseum. Ridley Scott gets beautiful shots all around the outside and inside of the Coliseum, which is actually computer generated in some parts, and makes it seem as if it were really there in the city of Rome during the film. It has a huge center ring in which the gladiators all compete against one another to the death with the audience surrounding the stage. The shots for the fight scenes give the audience the sense that they are actually sitting in the Coliseum watching the gladiators battle to the death and some of the shots give the perspective of the actual gladiators as they plan out their attacks and defend themselves from other attacking gladiators. The music is very epic, much like the film itself, making the film have more impact on the audience watching the film. The acting was phenomenal throughout the whole film, with everyone showing real emotion and anger when needed, especially the main actor, Russell Crowe, who won the best actor award. Joaquin Phoenix also did a phenomenal job as the selfish, careless, and most hated Caesar of Rome making the audience hate him as though he were the real ruler of Rome. The actor’s costumes were amazingly designed with the look of what would probably be the city of Rome 2000 years

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