Getting Your Counseling Degree As Well Essays

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I 've even seen with the staff and teachers, they want to be, staff up here and kids down here and that doesn’t work with these kids. They are already fighting against hierarchy anyway and authority. That is probably why they went to jail or whatever their situation is. Whenever you act like their friend and I genuinely care about them, I think that is a huge thing and to work with these populations. It 's not just the curriculum, you have to form that relationship or they are not going to listen to you.

Interviewer: You said you are in the process of getting your counseling degree as well.

Interviewee: Yeah, that goes hand and hand. I think the girls see that I do talk to the staff and that I 'm close with them. I know, that’s why I was out of it today because I forgot to set my alarm because I didn’t have to go to work the last two days. So, it 's with that, but also if something else comes up, they are really good about, I can just call and be like, I 'll see you this day.

Interviewee: Okay, it seems like the staff by in is really important for you then. Can you think of any drawback to partnering with an E serving agency versus actually being there? It 's worked out well here?

Interviewer: Yeah. One of the eighth graders told me that I was like the cool aunt. You just come in and teach us and then you get to leave. That is what I tell the girls here, that I don’t work here. That is one thing that I say when I first start a group because its weird…

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