Getting Caught By Forging My Parent 's Signature Essay

1165 Words Mar 17th, 2016 null Page
Some people say that it is healthy to take risks in life, but those risks are not always positive ones. A risk can be atrocious, or bad too. For example, if you do something that is dangerous or will have a colossal consequence you are taking enormous risk. I myself clearly know this since I have taken the risk of getting caught by forging my parent’s signature. Being young at the age of only ten years old I made a poor decision that would become consequential and effect me greatly. Let me explain how and why I would do such a disastrous concept.

My disappointing menace still haunts me so greatly today that I remember every single detail of it. It was the middle of March and the end of our second trimester at school. My teacher, Mrs. Lee wanted my classmates and I to get our parent’s signatures on the envelope in which our report cards were being put in. It was the end of the school day and I was extremely nervous and curious about the grades I had gotten in that part of the school year. I would be able to check them as soon as I got out of class. I closely eyeballed the clock in front of my desk every ten seconds. I listened to it tick in the quiet classroom full of children working on homework, not worried about their grades. I for one had reasons to worry because of the minimal effort I usually put into my work. “Tick. Tick. Tick. Rrrriinnnggg!” the bell finally rang after what seemed like an endless number of minutes. I sprang up and out my chair and rushed…

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