Getting A Higher Education And Taking The Starting Financial Manager Position With A Firm That Has Offered Employment

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There are many factors which go into deciding between getting a higher education and taking the starting financial manager position with a firm that has offered employment. Considerations like how to finance said education, what the starting salary is, and even compliance issues must all be addressed and analyzed before making such an important decision.
I. School versus Work
When deciding how to finance the school I would like to attend, the first thing I would do is check the current price of Apple’s stock using Yahoo! Finance, and figure out how much I would have if I were to sell all 1,000 shares that I own. As of 6/3/2016 at 10:15am, Apple’s stock is valued at $97.63 (Yahoo! Finance, 2009). Therefore, if I were to sell my 1,000 shares of the stock, I would have approximately $97,630 ($97.63 x 1,000 shares), which is obviously not enough on its own to finance an education that costs $100,000.
The next thing I would do is perform the calculations on the present value of the 1,000 EE Savings Bonds (which have denominations of $100 and a 4.25% coupon rate). According to the Treasury Direct website, the current market rate is fixed through October of 2016 at 0.10% (2016), and because this is a semiannual bond, this number gets dived by 2, leaving me with a value of I which is 0.0005. The next value to decide upon is N, which is the number of periods. Since there are 5 years remaining, multiplied by two (since again it is a semiannual bond), N=10. The next number to…

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