Essay about Getting A High School Diploma

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There used to be a time where owning just a high school diploma was feasible enough for a person to make an honest living. However, time has altered those standards. Owning a college degree is gradually becoming the new minimal credential for people to find success. Consequently, with colleges charging unreasonable amounts for tuition that rather only seems to be increasing, more and more college students find themselves in financial turmoil. As a result of absurd tuition cost, students are degraded to the point of choosing between an education or satisfying basic physiological needs. Food insecurity is defined as a state of living where access to quantities of affordable nutritious food is unreliable. The University of California Irvine is just one of many other campuses to fall victim to the ever-growing food insecurity epidemic.
Surprisingly, UCI’s food insecurity issue has grown substantially. According to The Los Angeles Times, four in ten UC students lack a consistent source of nutritious food (Watanabe). Out of an estimated thirty-one thousand college students, twelve thousand four-hundred people are suffering hunger pangs just in UCI alone. The absurdity in those numbers is astonishing. To think that future leaders of the world have to suffer when they need not to suffer in order just to follow social proof is unjust. A survey which was conducted with over nine thousand UC students found that about one fourth of participants claimed they had to make a choice between…

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