Germany 's Influence On Germany Essay

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Germany was 137,847 square miles. It had over sixty seven million people, before the war. During the war it was sixty eight million, then after the war Germany lost over two point eight million people. Germany had a federal monarchy they were all united under their leadership, German Kaiser Wilhelm II. Germany had other leaders such as chancellors; Chancellor Theobald Von Bethan Hollueg, Chancellor Georg Von Hertling, Chancellor Prince Maximilian Von Baden. Its language was and still is German. German had a largely population of roman catholics, for religion, with a large Protestant group as well. Germany had different aspects on its culture, and architecture has bee around for quite a while, probably even for over a hundred years. Germany has some holidays that come year around such as, Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is a sixteen day festival held in Germany. World War I started around 1914, Germany has agreed to a defensive treaty with Austria-Hungary; where if Austria-Hungary decided to move forward, Germany would have to defend Austria-Hungary from Russia. Austria-Hungary were one of Germany’s allies so were the Ottoman Empire and other smaller countries. They were called The Central Powers. The first battle of the war was called ‘The Battle of Mons’ that was when Germany was included. It took place in Southern France somewhere in the region of Alsace-Lorraine. It first starts with the French-British having encounters with Germany near the town of Mons. As…

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