Essay about Germany And The United States

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Now, that we have some background between German, France, and the United States, and the relationship they each shared, we will now get into the differences between political and government structure between these countries. Both Germany and the United States followed a democratic policy, but there are similarities and differences in how each of the countries applied democracy in their countries. For example, the U.S used the majority system, meaning that the majority of the votes win, ( If one candidate gathered the majority of the votes, with more than 50% of the votes (the percentage can be shortened, depending on the election,) then that candidate is the rightful winner. In other words, the winner takes it all. In Germany used a similar kind of system, but it is different, because the majority system is mixed with proportional, ( By doing this, Germany ensures that the seats a party received in parliament is exactly the same as the proportion voters supporting that party; that is if the proportion is 5% or more, ( The German system allowed power to be favor in the parties, since they are the ones responsible for placing the suitable candidates, which are drawn from a list, in parliament, ( The parties are also responsible for financing the election campaigns, unlike in the U.S, where the candidates are responsible for funding their own elections, ( The…

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