Germany : A Nation With A Rich, Storied History Essay

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Germany is a nation with a rich, storied history. In the last century, Germany has transitioned from opposing Western nations, to divided loyalties, to its current alliance with other North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) states. The foundation of current American Air Defense Artillery (ADA) relations with Germany lies in the culture developed from this history. An analysis of current German cultural factors such as their national economy and their political and military climates leads to a clear understanding of this relationship. Germany fractured into halves following the Second World War. Commonly known as West Germany and East Germany, the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and the German Democratic Republic (GDR) respectively allied with NATO and the Soviet Union. Germany unified under the FRG’s parliamentary republic government system at the end of the Cold War. Major parliamentary parties include the Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union (CSU/CDU) and the Social Democratic Party (SDP), while minor parties include the Left Party and Alliance ‘90/The Greens. Germany’s parliament is notably a multi-party system, differing from the standard American two-party system in that the minor parties still have influence over policy. The CSU/CDU and SDP, founded on respective Catholic and Protestant ideologies, served to develop a strict national doctrine of pacifism until the end of the Cold War. Germany has since reversed this position,…

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