Essay on German Ww2 Veteran Interview

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His-103 This is my interview with Dr. Alfred Meckel and his World War II experience. He was born in 1924 when Germany was still in hard times due to the harsh sanctions from the rest of the world after World War 1. As a young boy at the age of 9 Hitler came to power. At such a young age he thought that Hitler would be the man who could lead Germany out of its tough economic hardships and bring them up to the rest of the world’s standards. It was not until several years into the war that he was more critical and found out that the regime was brutal and faced many problems with no human rights and oppression against others with different political and religious views. During the times when Hitler was in power, he started what …show more content…
They were pretty much out of the shelling and bombing zones of the allies. This would all come to an end very soon though. In the spring of 44 all of the pilot schools were discontinued and all pilot trainees were to report back to Germany. His job title was rapidly changed from pilot trainee to anti-aircraft gunner. Meckel said he fired a few shots at the bombers coming in from time to time. They all knew that the inevitable was coming as American and British forces had started to make major progress in the war, and the Russians came charging in from the other side shortly after that. Knowing that the Russians and Americans were on the verge of capturing them they had no choice but to choose who to be captured by. The Russians had a history of executing any POW’s they came across so the choice was a simple one to make. They spent their last few days gathering grenades and blowing up their own cannons. He received orders in the middle of the night to cross the bridge of the Elbe River and wait for the Americans. He waited from 5pm to 1am waiting until the American forces to come and take him in as a POW.
He was taken by a truck to a large field where there were thousands of other German POW’s. This was the first time in his military career that he didn’t have to be packed into a train or march in formation. Meckel said the worst part about it was that there was barely any food. After a few days they received the leftover “K” rations from the American

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