German Culture and Lifestyle Essay

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Running head: GERMAN CULTURE

German Culture Cultures that have difficulty understanding others can lead to increased tension among differing cultures. German cultures have been known to have a difficult past but if others view their lifestyles, dietary habits, health care, education, and recreational activities, other cultures may view them in a different light. German living is very similar to the American way of life; they both enjoy variety and a wholesome feeling to living life. There may be a few differences, but similarities are there. City living for Germans is mostly made up of rented apartments, whereas leased or owned farms consist of owners working part-time, just enough to supplement fresh produce for
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Dating is very casual. Each person pays for his or her entertainment. Waiting for financial security is a must. Marriages are often preformed at city halls. Family life is very similar to that in the western world. The father is the head of the family. Both parents often work. Large families are not common and most young adults live at home until they are suitable wage earners. In order to live in good conditions the economy must be prosperous with healthy happy citizens. The economy must have good healthcare and welfare in order for this to happen. The Germans highly value health and welfare. Insurance helps cover the cost of healthcare and is even free on certain occasions. The Germans are leaders in biomedical practices and they in return produce very high quality medicines. There are a significant amount of doctors per capita and they mainly study heart disease and cancer. Germans maintain a healthy regimen by making sure their homes are well run, and clean. They live in mainly small homes or apartments with a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and one or two bedrooms. They have much pride in their homes, but rarely show them to other people. When they go out for the night, they tend to drink a lot of beer, which sadly makes alcoholism the second leading cause of death behind smoking. Germans are renowned for their hearty appetites. There are countless typical German dishes; one of the most popular is

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