George W Essay

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George W. Bush September 20, 2011 Address to Congress On September 11, 2001 the American nation was shaken with news of a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center towers in New York City. Fear and panic commandeered the spirits of American citizens as they awaited to hear if their loved one had perished, if another attack had been planned for somewhere else in the United States, and how their nation would rise from the ashes to face another tomorrow. Not only had their nation been attacked, but also the true measure of their freedom had been questioned. In times like these, the American people put their faith in their president. They rely on his leadership to instruct them on what to do next. This essay explores the context surrounding …show more content…
The Democratic Party, prior to the events on September 11, had been planning a political attack, which was "designed to criticize the president for his tax cuts" (Packer, and Spring). However, after the attack, they instead had to spend September 12 in a bunker below the capital together for precautionary safety reasons. Not only for the men safely housed in that bunker, but also for all people nationwide, September 12 marked the first day of a passionate patriotism that united the nation together in such a strong way since World War II. People later recounted the small acts that average citizens did for one another after the attacks. Neighbors would hang flags in order to honor fallen loved ones, and people donated their time to help widows get back on their feet. The days and months following the WTC attacks truly unified the country in spirit as they bonded together over their shared loss and heartbreak (Denton). This immense patriotism can be seen in the change in President Bush's approval rating before and after the attacks. On September 7, his approval rating was around 51%, however, on September 19, his approval rating had skyrocketed to an astounding 90% ("Presidential Approval Ratings--George W. Bush."). This is the highest approval rating of any president of the United States. Therefore, as President Bush went to address the nation on September 20, his audience was ready to accept anything he had to say. They were ready to hear of patriotism and the

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