George Walker Bush And The Former President Essay

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Kiley Sharp
Coach Bennet
November 23, 2015
Texas made way for many great things, frozen margarita machines, chili con carne, corn dogs, Whataburger, and Six Flags, but did you know a truly heroic, patriotic president also came from this fascinating state? George Walker Bush was born to the former president, George Herbert Walker Bush and the former first lady, Barbra Pierce Bush in New Haven, Connecticut, along with some of his brothers and sisters, Jeb, Neil, Marvin, Robin, and Dorothy. Not only was his father into the politics, but also was his grandfather, Prescott Bush. Not only was Prescott a former banker for the world famous Wall Street, but he also happened to be a progressive Republican senator from Connecticut in his former days. You may think his political heritage ends there, yet his great-grandfather was a Vice President in the White House, a diplomat, and a successful businessman. Two years after his birth, George’s father packed up the family’s belongings and headed south in order to reach Midland, Texas to try his luck in the oilfield, and he stuck it big making a fortune 13 years until again moving his son and wife down to Houston. George, however, didn’t go with them and was sent to Phillips Academy in Massachusetts where he completed his 8th through 12th grade year. George Bush graduated and chose to go to Yale, where he was a very popular student. A student with a very bright future graced delta Kappa Epsilon, as George was inducted into this…

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