Essay on George Lucas ' Star Wars And Grimm 's Fairy Tales

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At their essence, all stories are the same; from George Lucas ' Star Wars and Grimm 's fairy tales to The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum and Homer 's The Odyssey. Granted, at face value, there might seem little common ground between Luke Skywalker and Cinderella, or between Dorothy Gale and Odysseus. However, every story plays towards certain experiences-- a progression of trials, triumphs and occasional failures that allow the hero to develop and overcome adversity. This process, called the Hero 's Journey, is a necessary part of the human experience in both fiction and in day to day life. Through it, Cinderella finds love and escapes a life of hardship and Odysseus returns home from war. While the two characters journey different paths to find fulfillment, the Hero 's Journey ties their courses to a common experience of venturing from normality to face unfamiliar adversary and undergo personal development as a result. In The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, Amir, a modern day Afghan-American man, journeys to Afghanistan to find his nephew, Sohrab. By questing to find Sohrab, Amir undergoes a Hero 's Journey he grows as an individual, gains better mental stability and from his personal development creates a better life for others. Hero 's Journeys, like the one Amir undergoes, are integral to the human experience. They act as the fundamental path for change, for finding personal balance and for creating a better reality In many instances, the Hero’s Journey serves as a…

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