George, John, The Owner Of The Car Parts Store, And John 's Family

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The key parties are George, John, the customers, the owner of the car parts store, and John’s family. George is one of the key parties and what George has at stake is his friendship with John if George chooses to confront John resulting in a conflict if John chooses not to heed George’s advice. George will then have to face the difficult decision if he is unable to persuade John to listen, to be a “rat” and tell the owner/other managers or authorities about what John is doing since it is illegal and dishonest. George values his friendship with John, who he has been friends with for over five years and did help him get the part time job. However, George also values honesty, integrity, and feels responsibility or a duty as John’s friend to tell John that what he is doing is wrong. John is another one of the key parties and some of the challenges he has at stake is losing his position as a night manager and facing a prison sentence or fines if George chooses to tell the owner or the authorities about John’s actions or if John himself is caught. Charges may be brought forward and John can also face a criminal record, making it difficult for him to find a future job if his illegal actions are discovered. John finds the immediate cash that he can get adjusting invoice numbers and dates, and performing cash refunds important more so than over honesty, integrity, or responsibility. If car parts in the inventory do get sold out, the customers or clients lose the possibility of…

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