Genetics Personal Statement

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Genetics is a fascinating field of biology that deals with heredity and shows how the characteristics of living things are controlled by their genes.The Gene Researcher for a Week (GRFAW) program is right for me because I have a strong passion to learn about genetics and contribute to research efforts at a genetics lab. I have developed skills that would make me a good scientist through both my education as well as extra-curricular activities and I am excited to apply these skills to this program

My interest in genetics has developed into a passion over the past few years. A turning point that led me into genetics happened when I volunteered at Camp Reena, a camp for people with disabilities. At Camp Reena, I met people with genetic disorders and learned more about how these disorders can manifest. I learned that Down
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I find science one of the most interesting subjects, in Grade 10 my average in Science was 97%. By going for this opportunity I hope to take my love for science beyond school and enhance my knowledge on genetics. Most of my interest lies in the sciences, but I still do well in all subjects. My average last year in Grade 10 was 92%, this includes the subjects Math, Science and English. After school I attend other extracurricular activities for instance, jazz band, choir and karate. As proven, I am dedicated to my education and I hope this opportunity will take my knowledge on genetics further.

I am certain that I should be a Gene Researcher for a Week because I demonstrate high academic achievement, share qualities of a genetic researcher and I am eager to learn more about genetics. I have learned about genetics through my experiences at Camp Reena and schoool. Have two important attributes of a genetic researcher. Improvingmy average in school to a high 92%. Genetics has a lot to offer to the world of science and I would love to learn more about

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