Genetically Modified Organisms And Its Impact On The Lives Of People Around The Globe

1753 Words Nov 5th, 2015 8 Pages
Technology that has the power to save the world from starvation and improve the lives of people around the globe; genetically modified organisms have the ability to do precisely that. GMOs have helped make many advancements in agriculture that have increased yields and developed optimal crops. GMOs have played a critical role in ensuring the people of third world countries receive the proper nutrition they need to survive. They have also enabled improvements in medicine as well, playing an instrumental part in curing cancer and preventing and treating many other diseases. Genetic modification technology should continue to be implemented because it provides significant benefits that better yields, improve crop quality, and make advancements in medicine, in not only developed countries, but third world countries as well.
Through the power of genetic modification there have been significant improvements in crop yield. According to Abbie Goldbas, author of “GMOs: What Are They?”, they could even be considered the solution to ending world hunger (2). She also states that “When faced with African extreme hunger, malnutrition, food security problems, and low agricultural productivity, the advantages of [GMOs] seems to be inarguable” (3). These signs of hope within GMOs are significant to this world’s future food supply; as Keith Kloor stipulates in “The GMO Suicide Myth”, “the world’s population is forecasted to reach nine billion by 2050” (70). These numbers necessitate a major…

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