Essay on Genetically Modified Organisms And Human Health

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Genetic Modifications: a Phenomenal Technological Advancement
Genetically modified organisms have the potential to save millions of lives in areas where people are starving. However, foods and other products which contain genetically modified organisms are rejected and avoided in several places worldwide. This is mainly because the technology that is used to change the DNA of a plant, animal, or bacteria is new to everyone. A common misconception today is that GMOs cause harm to the environment and to human health. In truth, these modifications are made to make farming more efficient and preserve the environment, and there is no scientific evidence which shows that GMOs are harmful to human health. Those who decide to farm genetically modified crops enjoy much lower maintenance farms and they are able to harvest more. The availability of food is frequently a problem in poor countries, and this is often due to their rejection of any and all genetically modified crops. Genetically modified organisms should be embraced worldwide- especially in places such as Africa where hunger is an issue- as they are no more harmful or risky than traditionally grown crops or organic crops.
Numerous African civilizations are troubled by hunger as millions of people are in danger of starvation. The farmers in Africa are simply not producing enough food to meet the demand, which also makes food more expensive and more hard to reach. Close to four million Zambians, seven million Zimbabweans, and…

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