Genetically Modified Organisms : A Controversial Topic Essay

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Genetically modified organisms is a controversial topic that has been on people 's minds in the past couple of years, but lots of people don 't know what genetically modified organisms actually are or what they 're used for. Many people think they’re terrible things in food that are going to kill us one day, but they don 't know very much else. Everyone should know what genetically modified organisms are, why they are used, pros, cons, and why is it controversial, so that they can form their own opinions about them. According to Sofia Layarda, who has a master 's degree in public health nutrition, genetic modifying is when a certain gene or specific trait is directly transferred from one organism to another, resulting in a genetically modified organism(GMO), which was explained in her article, “Genetically Modified Foods: Hearing Both Sides of the Story” She also explains that this makes it easier to have, for example, corn, with a desired trait without the trial and error of creating it through breeding. They can also trade traits of different species. A Tobacco plant was the first to be genetically engineered in Belgium around 1986. Now, most of the organisms that are being genetically modified are plants that are in high need or are in many foods. As reported by David Johnson and Siobhan O’Connor, who are writers for Time Magazine, “More than 90% of all soybean, cotton and corn acreage in the U.S. is used to grow genetically engineered crops.” They also state that some…

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