Genetically Modified Organism 's Affect Our World Essay

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How Genetically Modified Organism’s Affect Our World
How genetically modified organism’s effect our world genetically modified organisms are a big part of everyday life and most of us don’t realize it. You can find these organisms in everything from the food you eat to the drugs you take. A genetically modified organism is an organism that has had their genetic makeup altered by genetic engineering. These organisms are modified by mutating, inserting, or deleting their genes. There are many different ways to do this. Scientists use methods such as using a virus to attach the genes. Another practice used is by means of a very small needle inserting DNA into the directly nucleus. Electroporation is another way that uses electric pulses to introduce from one organism to another. They also use something called a gene gun that fires heavy metal particles coated with plasmid DNA into the cells. The first manipulation of genes is assumed to be the domestication of animals through artificial selection. Fossil evidence suggests that the dog was derived from the grey wolf around 12000 BC.

Most of the animals modified today by genetic engineering are used in biomedical research and increasing food production. Mice are the most common animal used in research due to its ability to imitate mutations that occur in humans. Scientists are able to test cures on the mice before trying things that could be unsuccessful or dangerous to humans. Goats were modified to produce spider like silk…

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