Genetically Modified Foods Should Be Banned

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Should Genetically Modified Foods be Labelled in Canada?

Currently, 64 countries around the world, which does not include the United States or Canada, are required to label all genetically modified foods. These countries have created laws in order to command the labelling of GM foods due to the concerns of the public (Labelling Around the World 103). Research on genetically modified organisms has been in existence ever since their appearance decades ago and none of them contain evidence that they present a danger to our health. Although some research papers state that GM crops a menace towards our earth and economic system, their benefits outweigh their risks. Unless there was evidence stating that genetically modified food has large negative
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As stated by the World Health Organization, the main reason why GM foods are developed and marketed is because they produce more yield with a greater nutritional benefit, which lowers food prices and places more products on the market. For example, Wild Cabbage, also known as brassica oleracea, was so intensely bred and modified by humans for thousands years that it led to the development of six other different vegetables: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussels sprouts and kohlrabi which are all sold in markets today (Vegetables). Also, genetically engineered dairy cows serve the purpose of creating much more produce, nearly 100 pounds of more milk per year (Murray). GM foods are also good for the economy because they raise the total farm income. In Canada, the use of GM insect-resistant corn generated an additional $128.7 million in 2010 and since 1996, $568.9 million. Globally, the total farm income from 1996 to 2010 was $98.2 billion (Brookes 34). According to the article “Do Consumers Really Refuse To Buy Genetically Modified Foods?”, 42% of those who participated in a survey admitted that they would purchase GM foods if they are inexpensive (Noussair). To conclude, 80% of Canadians want GM foods to be labelled in Canada. Although, some declare that the polls are not fair …show more content…
Despite the general judgement, genetically modified foods are not damaging towards our overall health, but instead, can contain a higher concentration of nutriments. Golden rice is an example of a genetically modified food that has helped many people in developing countries who are suffering from malnutrition. Unlike a lot of false reports, GM crops are not detrimental towards the earth because they tend to lower the amount of toxic gases that are released into the environment, especially carbon dioxide. These genetically engineered foods also have positive impacts on our economy like increasing yields and lowering food prices. To address the concerns of the public, we should impose an educational system about the truths of GMOs. Educating the public about genetically modified organisms takes us one step closer to ending the unnecessary debate on GMO

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