Essay on Genetically Modified Food : An Essential Part Of Human Life

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Genetically Modified Food Food is an essential part of human life, and luckily it is sufficient and easy to obtain here in the United States. Many developing countries around the world, including U.S., have made advancements in the field of agriculture with help of biotechnology. Currently, the most common biotech used in farming is genetically modified organism. GMOs are organisms whose genetic material is altered using modern biotech. These organisms contain a combination of different genes, obtain from a diverse plant species, to produce a transgenic plant. The research aims to produce a new trait in plants that is not naturally occurring, for example, insect-resistant plant. However, the introduction of GMO has led to ranges of debate over the health, environment and economic issues among many researchers. The use of GM organism has disrupted the natural process to grow crops and raised many questions on public health safety. In order to GMO, people need to recognize the potential health risk that engineered food may bring to us. Proponents of GMO view modification of this crop as a health benefit, since this crop have reduced the use of chemicals and pesticides. Some of the biotechnological companies point out that genetically engineered tend to increase crop yield and decrease the use of pesticides that is harmful for the environment. GM ingredients consume about 70 to 80 percent of foods in a local grocery store. There are many scientific studies, including the…

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