Genetically And Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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Constantly in today’s media, advertisements, commercials, and everyday discussion we hear, “no artificial flavors,” “GMO free,” “organic and all natural.” But, do we really know what any of this means? GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, is “food that consists of, contains or is produced from an organism or organism in which the genetic material has been changed through cell fusion or in-vitro nucleic acid techniques” (“GMO Labeling”). Most Americans don’t realize it, but 70% of processed foods actually contain some form of an altered organism (“Editors, The”). The process has expanded and improved over time and is an every day process in the food industry. It begins by someone selecting a trait and then inserting this trait into an organism to create future generations that will exhibit a desired outcome. Some examples of these organisms are corn, wheat, and soybeans (Powell, Chelsea). Many Americans have raised questions as to what exactly these alterations are doing to the food we consume everyday. Often, people choose to consume food that only contains labels of “organic” so they know there are no GMOs in their food. This is because genetically modified food is not labeled. Those who choose not to consume anything genetically modified are fighting for a label to be put on all processed foods containing any organism that changes its original form. I am against labeling of genetically modified organism because it/they create no proven health risks, organic food is…

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