Genetic Engineering Essay

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Genetic Engineering: Designer Babies
What if the world were free of genetic diseases, or if it was a place where parents could control their offspring’s height, hair color and intelligence? The science may be closer to being available then some people think. Genes sometimes interact in ways that human may never completely understand, so we never know what might happen. Society could become a place with designer babies, unforeseen genetic problems and a genetically enhanced society where only the rich benefit. So even though human genetic engineering has potential benefits the interference in a person’s genetic makeup is too risky, moral debates arise, and it could throw off the sociological balance of our world.
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It greatly reminds me of Steven Hawking. Although his ALS developed very slowly, and didn’t fully activate until his twenties, Hawking’s retained this disease within his DNA all of his life. If he were born in a world of advanced intellectual and physical humans, would he have been able to contribute as much as he has even with a ’disability’? Plus by the use of genetic screening in order to depict which embryos carry diseases, Hawking’s parents could’ve gotten rid of him and he wouldn’t exist today. Therefore, genetic modification, while exciting and useful in several ways, can be considered a science in need of restrictions to prevent dramatic inequalities to arise between the disabled and the advanced.
IVF in itself is a very, highly expensive procedure as it is. If it were to be developed into a science to customize babies, it is clear the lower and middle classes wouldn’t have the same opportunity to ‘choose’ their children to the extent that the rich and famous would get to have. Especially because in America there is already a great enough divided between the rich and the poor and using IVF to design children wouldn’t help make it any better. I would imagine that some traits would be deemed more precious then others, therefore most likely far more expensive than others providing a new type of social divide between human. With the media as out of control as it is already in present time, our society has already set up the “rules” of beauty and a

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