Essay about Genetic Engineering : Genetic Technology

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As well as certain traits and behaviour genes also influence health and disease. Researchers are beginning to use genetic technology to explore the genomic contributions to different phenotypes. As this is done so, researchers are also discovering a variety of potential applications for genetic technology (Simmons, 2008). For example, extensive advances in genetic technology are making it more and more likely to one day be able to genetically engineer humans to create certain traits (eye colour, hair colour, body physique etc.). Is it ethical to determine what eye or hair colour your growing baby will have? Should there be laws enforced against genetically engineered babies, or designer babies? Would genetic technology be useful to rid of genetic mutations?
Genetic engineering is a fairly young technology with majority of its potential still undiscovered. It wasn’t until 1974 when Stanley Cohen, Annie Chang and Herbert Boyer were able to create the first genetically engineered organism. From here onwards the field was to progress. In 1980 the first transgenic (genetically modified) mouse was made, in 1982 a giant mouse was created by transferring growth hormones extracted by a rat. In 1985 the first transgenic pig was made. In 1991, the first gene therapy trial was done on humans. This patient then died in September 1999 due to the gene therapy itself. In 2001, the UK parliament passed laws regarding the cloning of human embryos up to 14 days old (, 2012). Since…

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