Generational Diversity In The Workplace

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Each generation brings their own life experiences, expectations and level of influence into the workplace. When people from different generational eras must work together, there is automatic negative judgment and error in general communication because one is unfamiliar with the others work style, habits and social interaction. It is important for every organization’s team of management to understand the perspective of each generation – personal and professional goals, values, strengthens and weaknesses and to embrace these differences throughout each employee’s career cycle.

When an organization invest the time, resources and effort into encouraging and achieving generational diversity it can increase the productivity and effectiveness of
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Towards the end of our meeting I felt it would be in the best interest for me to resign. I thought this company and my supervisor would accept or even embrace my ideas about improving our department, but I was welcomed with a cold, callous response. I also felt like my supervisor stereotyped my generation as being overly self-confident, entitled and a bit lazy because I came in ready to make organizational changes and would complete my work task differently from …show more content…
Although I do not enjoy the art of job hunting and interviewing, I am a firm believer that if an employer begins to show a lack of appreciation, interest in an employee’s business ideas and continuous standing with the company to the point where I must act out of character to prove I am worthy than its time to go.
I refuse to be just another warm body occupying a cubicle, functioning like a robot. I don’t know the exact cause that fueled the change in the work environment between my date of hire to the present, but I want to be a part of a company that encourages career growth, flexibility and provides a sense of purpose. The millennial generation’s sense of duty and discipline in the workplace is consistently misrepresented and misunderstood. I am more than willing to adapt and learn from those more knowledgeable about this profession than I am, but the humility and admiration is a two-way

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