Generalist Intervention Model Essay

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In reflecting back starting the year I have to say I was extremely nervous. Many thoughts passed through my mind, “do I have what it takes for this career “and “am I able to influence change”. I knew I had to think back on some of the textbook information and how to apply it was another thought in my mind. Not only was I nervous I was petrified, I had been a stay at home mom for almost a year, I felt extremely shy and lacked adult social interaction. But I realized that I worked hard to get here and I was determined to finish.
Think back to textbook information specifically the generalist intervention model and how I was to apply these methods. The engagement, assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, termination, and follow up. For
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The assessment in my internship was very structure and we also were provided with training that made it easy to complete. Our internship has an assessment sheet that walked us through necessary questions. The first portion of the assessment requested a clear statement of the needs and problem or situation. Then we organized them by priority and make a list of needs. The hardest part of the assessment was the strength portion for many clients it was had to come up with strengths and future goals but in the discussions it became easy to pull strengths and identify goals from clients. I felt very confident that I was able to work with client and identify strength and goal at the end if my internship. For the future I will continue to build on how to get client to recognize there goals and …show more content…
After reviewing the plan and the assessment the client and I would discuss how to get the client to their desired goal and what resources would help. After that resources were provided and I would follow up with client and if plans need to be revised then that would be discussed. What I learned through this process is that revising is very common thing change for clients and us as social workers need to be flexible and understanding.
The fifth step is the evaluation process how is your client doing. Through our internship we were provided an evaluation scale to measure the client’s progress. This scale was very informative and was also used to get a baseline and post scale. In addition to this scale we also used a summery sheet here we would input if goal was achieved and it reflected the types of services provided to the client. Through this tool I could really see the results of the work I intended for the client. Through this evaluation I could understand what I missed or what I could do better next

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