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General impressions about the book I really enjoyed reading this book and didn’t have a hard time finishing it in one sitting. However, this book seemed incredibly stretched out and seemed like it was relating the same principle in different ways. I don’t think this book had a life-altering effect on me like so many others, but I did thoroughly enjoy reading it and looking at this perspective.
I tried to envision myself in the book and completing the actions of all four characters. This helped me relate to the book and to care about the characters. While reading, I also tried to look at the principles and relate them to changes in my own life and the decisions I was able to make after them. Doing this really helped me understand the principles
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Instead of adapting to the inevitable change that was going to happen I retreated back into my family and decided to take a year off of school. I was hiding from my problems because I didn’t want to face the possibility that I would be unhappy away from the comfortability that I had at home with my family. Although, I ended up leaving and going to college this fear kept me from going to school for an entire year.
Favorite Cheese Quote My favorite cheese quote is “The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you find new cheese.” I like this quote because it hits so close to home with me especially in relationships. I have been in a couple very serious relationships including an engagement that ended very badly and I was heartbroken. I have always carried this hurt from those relationships into my new relationships and it has been a barrier in all of my relationships and in a few cases it has actually kept me from trusting my boyfriend or even developing a relationship with someone that I could have had a great relationship with.
When was my cheese
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I had gone through quite a bit a couple of years before that personally and had begun to have a lot of close friendships with people that I would have to leave when I moved. She had blindsided me with the move as well so that was very hard. She told me the day before we would be leaving and moving three hours away because she knew I would not want to leave. When she told me I was sad about leaving all of my friends and my home, but I was more scared of the unknown and what would happen in an entirely new place with new people and a new school. I feel like I was most like Haw because although I was scared I searched out to find new friends and develop other relationships because whether I liked it or not I had to adapt to the change to be happy. After a while of being in the new town, I made some very good friends and even after moving again I have maintained our friendship and will be lifelong

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