General George S. Patton: A Tragic Hero

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General George S Patton
It was a tragedy. The losses, the deaths. World War 2 was the great depression. As an American General Douglas Macarthur once said ¨ Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” ( Staff). All american soldiers that were involved in the war were and still are amazing, but one soldier that really stole my attention was General George S Patton. George Smith Patton Jr was a great man, he did many things to save the people in World War 2 that were being hurt, mentally and physically.
George Patton came into this world on November 11th 1885. Early in Patton's life he knew he wanted to be a military man just like all the men in his family. In 1909 Patton graduated from the U.S military academy at West Point. He soon earned a reputation for his leading skills and understanding of tank warfare. Especially after the U.S and British soldiers were on top after the first great tank battle at Cambrai in France during WW1. Patton reached the best point of his career during the World War 2. ( Staff).
All of Pattonś life he always had an explosive temper. When he was in his 20ś he had a skull injury, some people thought it was because of his outraging temper. His temper shaped him into an outspoken, opinionated and
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They got 10,000 miles of territory and trying to free the country from the Nazis. After several months Germany surrendered, the general caused another debate of controversy when he gave a interview saying bad things about the Allies; strict de-nazifacation polies in the beated country; Eisen Hower tool himself from command of the 3rd army in October 1945. Sadly after a few months after that General George S Patton died. He broke his neck in a car accident. George S Patton was and always will be an amazing man. He will always be remembered as one of the many soldiers who survived World War II. ( Staff,

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