How Can A General Electric Company Be Successful In The Future

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Purpose: General Electric Company has a purpose to promote the revolution of electronic commerce and create a better life through a number of technologies and services. Its goal is to make the best electrical and electronic equipment and to provide the best technology and service. In addition to the production of consumer and industrial electrical equipment, General Electric Company is also a huge arms and ammunition contractor.
Division of Labour: General Electric Company is the world's largest diversified service company, so it has many different kinds of positions, such as consumer finance which is responsible for providing credit services and financial products, industry which is used to produce electronic equipment and parts, infrastructure which is in charge of store decoration, executive which can manage and coordinate the work of various departments and scientific research which can study high technology. The essence is to arrange different
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In western developed countries, the honesty of a country or even a person is very significant. Therefore, each employee of the General Electric Company takes honesty as the primary code of conduct, and every new employee who comes to the company must accept the training of honesty. For this reason, General Electric Company has been welcomed by most people. FUTURE SUCCESS
Do you think this company will be successful in the future? Give reasons to support your response. I think General Electric Company will be successful in the future. This is because the strategies conform to (choose another word) the company. Therefore, it can deal with any complex situations in the market competition which is changing rapidly. The only challenge is the pollution. If General Electric Company can insist on its green plan and develop new energy, I believe that the company must achieve greater success.

Company #2 Name:General Motors

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