General Curtis Lemay : Iron Ass Essay

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General Curtis LeMay: “Iron Ass” Grenade The Second World War held the developments as well as progress in technology that came as a result of the lessons learned in the First World War. However, the area with the most improvement was in the effectiveness of airpower. Airpower had previously been used for reconnaissance and photography. It was only towards the end of World War I that the technology to fit planes with guns and artillery was developed so it did not have much strategic effect on the outcome of the war. During World War II the contributions of airpower were undeniable; this holds especially true in the Pacific Theater. After all, it was the atomic bomb dropped from aircraft that arguably halted the Japanese fighting machine. The atomic bomb was simply the final straw; the precursor to this ultimatum was the far more destructive firebombing campaign. Directing the strategic bombing of the Japanese islands was General “Iron Ass” (Scott) as he was affectionately called by his airmen; but better known as Maj. Gen. Curtis LeMay. The developments that LeMay made in how bombing squadrons flew and deployed their payloads made them reputable adversaries and earned LeMay the less affectionate nickname of “Demon LeMay” by the Japanese (Hickman). LeMay is easily one of the most influential airpower generals because of his innovative approach to bombing that improved the odds of bombing attack parties making it out of their target zone. Of course, the General was not de…

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