Impact Of Pearl Harbor

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World War II introduced some of the greatest advances in history, taking early World War I and modernizing how people thought and how we fight wars now. One of the major topics of World War II is Pearl Harbor, it changed everything in America after it. Another thing about World War II is aviation, it had a huge impact on the war. Another huge thing about World War II is the atomic bomb. One of the major topic of World War II is Pearl Harbor, it changed everything in America after it. Pearl Harbor is one of the most saddest and most dreadful thing that has ever happened in America. The attack on Pearl Harbor is called the “day of infamy”. The attack on Pearl Harbor was on December 7th 1941. Pearl Harbor brought America in World War II.
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A torpedo and eight bombs hit the USS Arizona, 1,760 lbs. of explosives hit her to bring her down. On just the USS Arizona 1,177 men were killed. Those who survived on the USS Nevada said the USS Arizona was launched up to 10 feet in the air because of the massive explosion which tore her apart and sunk her in less than 9 minutes. The USS Arizona, the USS Utah, and the USS Oklahoma never sailed again because how badly damaged but the other ships were repaired and sailed again. During the attack of Pearl Harbor twenty-nine Japanese planes were dropped down and the attack lasted two hours. Also in Pearl Harbor’s defence there were midget submarines and one managed to get into Pearl Harbor but was sunk by the USS Monaghan. Here are ships that were damaged or lost at Pearl Harbor USS Detroit, USS Tangier, USS Medusa, and the USS Maryland were all slightly damaged and then there were USS Raleigh, USS Nevada, USS Vestal, USS Pennsylvania, USS Downes, USS Shaw, USS Cassin, USS Tennessee, and the USS Helena were all heavily damaged and then there was the USS Utah and the USS Oklahoma that was capsized and then there were USS Curtis that was moderate damage and then there was the USS Arizona, USS West Virginia, USS California and the USS Oglala that was …show more content…
The Japanese controlled the sky in World War II. The Royal Air Forces began offense against Germany in may 1942 and the first group of Americans came in on the 4 of July. The Messerschmitt was one of the most elite, advanced and most capable fighter plane in its time. The BF-109 is one of the best designed aircrafts of all time. The most important part of the aircraft 's was the Navy because if it wasn’t for the Navy the planes wouldn’t have enough gas to get to the enemy’s unless if they had their allies help.
Another huge topic on World War II is the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb was known as the little boy but a couple days after it was dropped it was known as the big boy. At approximately 8.15a.m. on 6 August 1945 a US B-29 bomber dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city Hiroshima, it instantly killed around eighty thousand people. Three days later, a second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, than about forty thousand more. Then about one hundred thousand more people died slowly as a result of radiation

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