Gender Stereotyping Essay

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Stereotyping is the way a person’s brain recognizes characteristics or traits shared throughout an entire group. This process is generally practiced everywhere we go; it affects the way we choose careers and how we act in a workplace. Consciously and unconsciously we stereotype everyone and everything. This is based on our growing understanding of life, categories, roles in society, and attributes, everything affects the way we perceive people, our actions especially and even our environment. We may not want it to affect how we choose our careers, but it does (Igbo, Onu, & Obiyo, 2015). Gender stereotyping is a problem that needs to be addressed, for the problematic ways it affects people in the workplace and the issues it creates.
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As we move up and become juniors and seniors in college, we decide where we want to go or what we want to do with the degrees we will be receiving. After at least 2 years of college we have the skill sets we need to do a specified job. But that’s not enough to convince ourselves, as humans, we want to believe that we need to be great at a skill in order for the job to get done. As is human nature, we need reassurance that we are good enough, competent enough, skilled enough to complete the requirements. We try to beat the stereotype. Oxford University did a study in which they asked 4,000 sixth form girls, or girls in the United Kingdom that are in their 12th and 13th year of schooling, what they thought about their …show more content…
An example of how gender stereotypes affect career choice is the way we could be treated. Mistreatment, abuse, low morale, hostile working environment, and bad relationships all could be caused by gender stereotyping (Kokemuller, 2016). Standards set by society increase bullying and create a toxic environment. Females are seen as property and sexual objects and are being abused based on the gender stereotype society has provided. Research shows that men are less likely to be subject to social assault and abusive treatment (Hu, 2016). Both genders alike could potentially be bullied based on the notion about their sexuality, religion, race along with gender. Overall, not many people realize that these gender stereotypes are indeed there and that they are

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