Gender Stereotyping And Gender Stereotypes Essay

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It was a little hard at first to figure out something to do for this observational assignment on Gender Stereotyping. I do not have identity issues, however I am more on the masculine side, in other words a tomboy. Gender stereotyping is when you are judged by your gender, it is mostly looked upon as negative but it can be positive as well. As soon as, your gender is known, the stereotyping begins. If an individual is a girl she can be looked up to be more nurturing, and if of opposite sex, is to be the opposite. The three gender stereotypes I chose to break were: to open the door for males and females,mostly males, cat calling, and asking a boy on a date. All three were really good and had different reactions from myself and others I was in interaction with.

To begin, I rarely open the door for other people, due to the fact I’m always ahead of an individual and I hold the door open behind me as I’m going in or a male opens the door for me. What I decided to do first was to open the door for males and see how they would react. Most of the males wanted me to go ahead in first while they held the door open. Not many went in the door before me to keep the door open behind them as they went in. There was a moment when there was a lot of back and forth dialogue of “no, you go on ahead”. That motion showed maturity and respect in general, and that even though I was showing mannerisms it didn’t feel right for a female to be holding a door open for a male. It could have been a…

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