Gender Stereotypes And Discrimination Of Gender

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She must like Princesses. She cannot like Ironman. Only boys like Ironman. He cannot have long hair. He cannot like Pink . She must have a neat handwriting. His handwriting will be messy. She willl be bad at sports.
These examples all relate to Gender Stereotypes and the discrimination of gender as a bigger picture in this article. Where does gender discrimination really start from? Children. Reports have shown that adults have largely reduced biases towards other adults, but as parents, These adults enforce these gender stereotypes onto their children, effectively creating the root cause of gender discrimination
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For example, in kindergarten , boys who play with “girls toys” are mocked, and in another study, a kindergarten girl was berated by her classmates when she said she did not like wearing dresses, which was not “girl-like’. In addition, these children face large peer pressure from other children to conform to these social norms of what a boy or a girl should behave and those who do not, get bullied and laughed at
Such is so in the case of Rebecca Bigler, who could not tolerate the harassment that her male friend received, due to him wearing his hair long to observe the tribal tradition of his native american tribe, with his school experience being so rife with bullying that he quit school at just 3rd grade, eventually provoking her to take up psychology in university Pictured left is Rebecca Bigler, who is now a professor In psychology at the university of
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This issue has been recognized by many countries and most recently, New York, where Governor, Andrew Cuomo announce the women’s equality act, a key action to aid in closing the wage gap between genders. Indeed, the ideas behind gender stereotypes may be diminishing but they can still be considered to be omnipresent in the ways of thinkings of people.
Consider this: A father and his son are involved in a car accident. The father dies while the son is seriously injured. The son is taken to the hospital, where the surgeon says, “I cannot operate on him for he is my son”.
This famous anecdote still remains relevant today, where it usually takes a while for a person to figure out that the surgeon was the Boy’s mother and that she was a surgeon. This ageless anecdote effectively proves the ever present gender discrimination that people possess, and I admit, I was stumped for a while on this joke. Even while possessing the best of intentions, the word “surgeon” or “boss” often causes an image of a male to pop out of our

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