Gender Roles in Vietnam Essay

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Change, continuity and gender roles in Vietnam In detail, discuss how the gender roles of women and men in Vietnam have changed and continued over time and the causes of these changes. In addition outline how these changing gender roles have affected the status of both men and women in Vietnam.
Vietnam is a country where gender roles are undergoing vast changes, especially the women’s status in the public spheres, which includes their educational attainment, earnings, occupational status, job mobility, and political representation. Throughout the last four decades, gender division has also massively differed in the subject of household labour. In the 20th Century, Vietnam underwent structural transformation, including military
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Mai, a 28 year old woman, is unhappy due to how she is treated by her husband. Her husband does not want an educated wife with a career; he would rather a housewife. It is as though her work life is invisible to him. Hanh, who is 30 years old, is a single mother. Her family only ever talks about the fact that she’s single, not about her work. She despairs of meeting a man who respects her career options. The men she dates make it very clear to her that they are looking for a housekeeper and mother, not an equal partner. 28 year old wife, named Kim-Ly, isn’t coping as good towards her husband’s wants. He has some regards for her work, but he still insists that she should be at home when he returns from work every night to greet him. He also wants her to be there while he cooks dinner “like an ornament that has to be in its proper place at a certain time”. During the 20th Century, women are more likely expected to have different attitudes towards the labour of gender roles, rather than men do. According to Confucian traditions, women’s roles are domestically oriented due to the significant gender ideology changes. Gender equality was already declared in 1930, aiming to replace traditional Confucian-based gender ideologies by eradicating private property and women’s domestic roles. The government continued to go along with the old laws and policies

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