Gender Roles In 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'?

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When I first saw the title of this movie, I was caught by it. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is a name which can make people feel interested about the film itself, and you can imagine a cool girl through this title. Although I had thought that the heroine of this film would be an uncommon girl, Lisbeth provided me much surprise when I saw what she done in the film. This is a good movie for audience to think about challenging the masculinity power in the society through the behaviors of female roles in many details. There is also a comparison between two female main roles. Two girls chose different ways to against the masculinity and their life changed to two different situations.
I watched both American and Swedish version. When I talked
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Both of them had terrible childhood and had been raped by their fathers. But they made different choices to face. Harriet chose to escape and lived lonely in London. When she opened the door for Mikael, we can imagine her life through her face on the screen. She looks tired and seems to be vigilantly to everyone. Lisbeth’s choice is totally different from her. She chose to fight, such as burning her father alive and working as a hacker. She seems to be strange to the people who don’t understand her, but she is the one truly treats herself as a person. She controls her self’s life, and refuses to pay for the hurt coming from the oppression of the …show more content…
Martin, born as the son of Gottfried, thought that killing “prostitutes” is their family’s duty. He and his father treated Harriet as their possession, so they didn’t feel guilty when they played her as a sexual tool. Martin got such kinds of wrong opinions from her father and thought it as a family tradition. Mikael also has another woman when he seems to fall in love with Lisbeth. Those men ignored to treat women equally. They can represent the hegemonic of masculinity. And of course, the film provided us a version of a meaningful change in the gender order. Lisbeth is a good example. She seems to be calm and cool, but she still knows how to love. And when she found her love is not what she wants, she can leave with no hesitation. She acts like a man, but also like a woman. Although she is still sharp for protecting herself, but obviously we find another way to challenge the masculinity except running away as

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