Essay about Gender Roles : Gender Role Socialization

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We as humans are expected to behave in certain ways according to our gender. In expectancy comes along gender role socialization. Gender role socialization is the process by which individuals in our society learn and internalize the attitudes, values, behaviors and norms that are to be appropriate for either a female or male. As growing children we are usually told what to do and what to not do. This in part has to do with the fact that our parents do not want us to lean toward our opposite gender. However, our actions as children do not have to signify anything in particular to our identity. Our genders should not have to stop us from trying new thing in life that can be beneficial in everyday life or simply stepping out of society 's expectations.
When I was young I remember my mother always making sure my hair was combed neatly. I never really liked my hair being combed and didn’t understand why I had to. She would tell me girls always need to have their hair combed, you’re not a boy. I was also always be dressed in dresses and bright pastel colors to signify that a was a girl. I, however, have always liked blue. Blue has been my favorite color since I could remember and still is to the day. My mother would also always get irritated with me when I tried to get blue items, claiming once again blue is a color for boys and that I was not a boy.
I never cared enough when I was young about looking like a boy because of certain actions or toys I played with. I just cared…

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