Gender Roles Are Social Expectations Essay example

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Gender roles are social expectations that dictate how each gender is to speak, think, act, and engage with each other. Over the past thousands of years men and women have been assigned certain roles and characteristics that each gender must demonstrate habitually. This of course includes men being portrayed as more masculine, rational and assertive than women. Women were often thought of as fragile, irrational, and delicate. The way in which people of these genders mold into the stereotype they are supposed to conform to varies by each person. It was not common to see a man that did not fit the exact mold of what a man should be during the early 1900’s. Men were often demonstrated as very masculine and they were in charge of the house. The duties of the average male and husband went to work everyday to earn money for the family and came home to a nice meal prepared by their wife. The duties that the average female was to stay home and cook and clean for the family. Men were always seen as the most dominant gender while women were thought of as inferior and less likely to succeed. Things were bound to change as people and ideas do. While women have been able to make significant strides in the workplace at various times during the last century, gender roles still limit their use of public space. As years went by women became more powerful than they were before. Women earned the right to vote and obtained jobs that some men obtained as well. This does not mean that both…

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