Rhetorical Analysis: Manslamming

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Rhetorical Analysis: “Manslamming” Today there are so many people walking on the streets that have taken consideration of moving for other people coming in the opposite direction. Have you noticed that women need to get out of the way of men? In the article “What Happens When a Woman Walks like a Man,” Jessica Roy from the New York Magazine, described the results of an experiment, Beth Breslaw did, to give insights on how women and men walk on the streets. This will then hopefully determine the “sidewalk entitlement” between male and female. Roy helps the reader understand this term “manslamming’’ by first telling the readers that Beth Breslaw’s experiment was inspired by her friend’s experience. Breslaw’s friend heard that most men gave no room for any women’s way. Beth …show more content…
For the experiment Breslaw decided to take a stand from a man’s point of view: to get on the streets and walk like a man. Roy first mentions that men walk without moving out of the way unconsciously and not acknowledging it. Breslaw decided that experiencing this situation herself allowed her to notice the amount of men she collided with and seeing the reaction of these men. Breslaw noted that in January every man that came in her path physically walked right into her. Roy mentions a quote by Breslaw, who said, “I’m going to be the Frogger, and this person who’s rapidly approaching me is going to be the log”. Mentioning Breslaw’s steps in her experiment shows how committed she is in showing the results. Although the destination Breslaw went on is quite busy, she took an approach in the train station. The results were the same, but in this situation men gave no space for women to sit down. Not only has the problem occurred on the streets, but also in train stations and in front of cafes; to show that it is not in just one area but

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