Street Harassment Essay

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Street harassment is a huge issue in the world and desperately needs to end. It is not right for men to comment on women and girls in the streets. Women feel vulnerable in the streets due to the fact men harass them and comment on how they look. It is extremely disrespectful to women because men degrade them down to how they look. Men appear to be more powerful and women feel as though they can't fight back. In some people’s eyes, it’s fine for men comment on women but it isn’t. Some women can't even walk down streets without men commenting on how they look.
Men appear to be more powerful than women. Males act,most of the time, mentally more powerful than women. Women are more sensitive and show more feelings than men. This makes it easy to break down women mentally which men do with street harassment. Men take advantage of this and harass them in the streets. This experience can be very disturbing for women. Some might not go to school or work scared of being commented on again. Women feel pressured to look pretty. When they do
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Many women find street harassment very rude and hate that men comment on how they look. Women are usually offended by this act. Some women are afraid to stand up for themselves. Street harassment is a serious crime and needs to stop. It is not O.K for men to disrespect any women by commenting on how they look. It just isn’t right. Women feel like it’s rude how men think of them like this. Women believe that it isn’t right that men think of them as a pleasure to the eye. Women feel as though men think that they aren’t more than good-looking and beautiful. I know for a fact if I were a victim of street harassment I would not feel good. I would feel as though some men are simple minded and are very rude. Men are disgusting and nasty for thinking like this. Women can’t even walk down the street without feeling like they are being judged whether it’s good or

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