Gender Roles And Gender Stereotypes Essay

752 Words Nov 29th, 2016 4 Pages
Throughout history, there is always a line that crosses the differences between male and female. This is something that we could never get rid of, it will always be a part of any society known to man, and that is gender stereotypes. Many people tend to wonder how gender stereotypes get the way they are now. People always blame other people for creating gender stereotypes, when it is really the adults themselves. People never tend to think about the aspect about the possibility that it might be small children that learn the difference between man and women. Gender roles are still a problem in today 's society, whether it comes to the media, entertainment world, workplace, or even a political standing. In gender roles, who are usually the ones that are getting discriminated? Well most of the time it is both of the genders that get discriminated against. However, majority of the time, a female is the one that suffers the most out of anyone. Sometimes I don’t even know how this is true. Women literally give us everything that we need. Women are literally told that they should be a stay at home person instead of doing any type of activities outside. Violence against women, including sexual assault, violence, still remains a problem in the world today. Many people think, ”Oh it’s 2016 now, there should be gender equality by now,” sad to say that it still continues today. Everyone is getting discriminated, even as we speak. Staying on the topic of 2016, this happens to be the…

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