Women's Fight For Equality

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Throughout the years, women have been fighting for equal rights. As early as the 18th century women started to point out the stark contrast between the treatment of men and women in society. As the years progressed, women started to gain these notions of equality such as the right to go to college and the right to vote. Even now in the 21st century women are still fighting for equality in places such as the workforce and even in everyday society. The problem is that we are completely ignoring the biases against men. These problems are evident in situations like abuse and divorce and even every life. We are pushing for the equal treatment of women, but when are we going to push for total equal rights for men?
Being a self proclaimed feminist
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Women are fighting for their equal rights in the workforce, this includes ideas such as the pay gap and sexist dress codes. One aspect of workforce sexsim that is not as prominent is the sexism men face. Women are more likely to get a raise or promotion over men. There are also articles out there titled, “Why Women May Be Better Leaders Than Men”, and “Study: Women Are Better Leaders”. The problem with this is that if the genders were switched everyone would be fighting against such sexism and ignorance. They are also more likely to be hired over an equally qualified man. There is a story of “an attendee at a Human Relations conference that was denied a promotion into a senior level position because he would not be seen as warm”((((()). This brings us to another topic of male gender bias. If this man does become “warm” or “sensitive” we tell him to “man up” or to “grow a pair”. We fight against words like “cute” and “sensitive” being over sexualized but we ignore the sexualization of words like “tough” and “strong”. When did we start giving genders to …show more content…
Out of these 50% only 10% of the time men receive custody of their children. Just like incarceration, this is another aspect of male gender bias that our society doesn 't realize exist because of the rolls we created. If a man and a woman were to get a divorce, society automatically assumes that it was the man 's fault that the marriage ended. When in reality 27.6% of women file for divorce compared to the 11.7% of men (Divorce). Another example of gender bias is if a couple is divorced and the husband remarries, if he pays child support, the seconds wife’s income will be used as a way to show the ability to pay. If we were to switch the situation, The second husband would not be used. These are all examples of how we hid the existence of these

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