Essay on Gender Roles : ' A Hannibal '

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Gender Roles in Slash Fiction: A Hannibal Case Study In nearly every notable fandom, regardless of media popularity or media form, there is at least one popular “slash” relationship that rules the minds, hearts, and, occasionally, the genitals of its devoted fans. “Slash relationships”, in general, are constructed when fans of a media place two presumably. or explicitly, heterosexual characters of the same sex in a romantic relationship that generally has not been acknowledged within the source media. In season one of NBC’s psychological thriller Hannibal, this slash relationship first materialized in-fandom between horror icon Hannibal “the Cannibal” Lecter and Will Graham. Lecter, portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen, and Graham, portrayed by Hugh Dancy, are the co-leads in Hannibal, which details the life and crimes of Hannibal Lecter, the cannibalistic psychiatrist, and Will Graham, his psychologically unstable patient and the FBI profiler hired to catch him. Hannibal, developed and produced by Bryan Fuller (Wonderwalls, Pushing Daisies), aired on April 4th, 2013 on NBC. The series is loosely based on The Red Dragon, by Thomas Harris, but diverges notably from the text and focuses on the existing characters and plot events that took place prior to the books chronology. Specifically, the series focuses on the budding relationship between Lecter and Graham, and the idea that these two men are two of a kind, and uniquely suited to understanding one another. Much of the…

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