Gender, Race, Sexuality, Class, Nationality, Religion And Age

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In this class the discussion has focused around gender, race, sexuality, class, nationality, religion and age. Through multiple articles, documentaries and videos found on the Internet along with the book So Long A Letter and our textbook International Perspectives On Women the class has learned how exactly these characteristics can affect a women throughout the world. One of the concepts the class has focused on so far is the concept of an arranged marriage. Within the first book we had to read, So Long A Letter, a young woman is forced into an arranged marriage and taken out of school due to her mother being very poor and also not wanting to no longer be ranked in such a low class. This book in particular also discussed the idea of females having a “sugar daddy” which is an older man who pays a younger girl to participate in activities and what not with him. Sugar daddies can also lead to arrange marriages, as it did in So Long A Letter. In the first chapter of the textbook the discussions of arrange marriages is also discussed, the chapter highlights the negative outlook on marriage, the increase in domestic violence and the patriarchal lifestyle the women must live under within certain countries. A huge concept that has been discussed in the class is the issue of patriarchy and how it is downgrading to women due to their gender. The class has seen multiple videos dealing with patriarchy along with seeing the issue of patriarchy in So Long A Letter. For example, in…

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